Asian living

Where we live is a mostly modern city.  But our hearts live out in the mountains--the foothills of the Himalayas with a people that are mostly not modern.  So we travel a lot.

We live in an Asian city that is known for its yummy, spicy food.  We agree with that assessment and have fallen in love with our lives here.  We live in a really special community with folks that are from all over the world.  (So, when Johnny is traveling, Shannon has friends to invite her and the boys for dinner or playtimes.  And vice versa).  We are spoiled.

We are learning more and more about the two cultures that we spend all our time in.  They are different.  The city culture is not the same as the mountain culture.  And we are learning language--we will be life-long learners of this language. We also dream of living out in the mountains with the people our hearts long to live among.  Even if it never happens, it's a nice dream :).

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