Saturday, May 8, 2010


Johnny just finished school at Southwestern. Yay!!

Well, Luke's dinosaur blanket is finished, and I have started another blanket (I really am obsessed with my sewing machine). But really, the reason I just have to make it is for our little girl that we hope and pray the Lord will bring into our lives. We have been praying so long about adopting a child for our family, and we really feel like we are getting the green light to pursue adopting in Thailand, which is probably CRAZY since it is supposed to be so HARD to adopt from Thailand. And I am still guarding my heart like mad because I know it is quite possible that it won't work out for Thailand. But it's always been our heart to be connected to a country where trafficking is just outrageous. Now we are just asking the Lord to show us the next step...(and if we never get a girl, I will use either use the blanket for myself or give it to the next girl born in our city in Asia...).

I think our next option, if Thailand doesn't work out, is Ethiopia. So we are totally not opposed to Africa...

We are just over 6 weeks away from leaving to go back "home," and we are so hoping that over the next couple of years, we might be able to actually be with our people, living with them and serving them and loving them up close rather than from afar...

Shannon for all of us!