Wednesday, September 30, 2009

C-Diggety and Candyman

C-Diggety is what we call our city, and we are back in town for 2 months!! It is so nice to be home and not have to go back to see doctors. So, we are getting back into life in the city after a few sick days with the boys. We are happy to be getting back into the routine, and we are excited that at the end of next week some friends will come at the end of next week and hike with Johnny!!

Candyman is what Luke decided he wanted to dress up as for one of his friends' birthdays this month. We thought it was a pretty awesome idea, but since we only had 30 minutes to prepare, Johnny thought we could just tape candy to his body, and then Luke could pass out the candy to all his friends. So, he did just that. And we loved that he wanted to be something a little creative...

We have been dreaming this week about what it might look like for us to live in the mountains. It's exciting to think that we might be able to LIVE with the people we are growing to love...We would love to have a hostel/guesthouse that everyone can visit!

We have 2 months until we go to the states, and we are just starting to prepare to go. I'm gathering pictures and packing 3-6 month sized clothes for the little baby that Dave and Kelli are trying to adopt (which deserves its own blog--we already love this little boy, and Dave and Kelli will be able to sign the papers Friday, I hope hope hope!!) and gifts and the list goes on!!!
We are just dying to hold this little man in December...

More to come...S