Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hong Kong

We went to Disneyland!! The first day we were here, we packed up the boys and lots of other stuff and headed to Disneyland, where it was all music and happiness and magic. And we loved it and enjoyed every second of being in Disneyland!! Jace slept for half the day, Luke loved the rides, the shows, everything!! It was a great day.

And we have been doing medical stuff ever since, it seems like...John and I both have stuff to be checked out so we'll be here longer than we first thought. But we are in a flat now and are no longer trying to stay out as long as possible to avoid going back to our teeny tiny hotel room with very little entertainment...

We got to go to a fellowship today that refreshed our minds and spirits, we went to Toys R Us, and we've eaten lots of "treats" since we've been here. It truly is the land of milk and honey in HK...

We'll be back home Wednesday or Thursday, and we'll be back in the thick of things. Yay!! We're ready to be back in life with people . Our friend who is a new brother is moving to our city, and we're excited to hang out with him more regularly...It's exciting to think about going back to spend time with friends who are also brothers/sisters!

The Father is good!
PS We don't have any pictures of us at D-land, but here's my favorite from this summer!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

back home

We are home!!  And it is hot and humid, but it's just so nice to be home.  Luke has loved playing with his toys and Jace is getting back on a schedule.  We've been swimming something like 5 times in 2 weeks, and we'll probably go again today or tomorrow to the pool in our apartment complex.  It's a great place to be!!

We will start classes in September again, and before that, we want to go to Hong Kong to do some things like go to the dentist and doctor and go to Disneyland!!  We heard it's a Disneyland that's much more for smaller kids, so we'll take Luke while he'll enjoy everything, and then we'll do something fun with Jace when he gets a bit bigger (maybe Disneyland again).  We are so excited.  Luke keeps asking to go to "Candyland" tomorrow (meaning Disneyland)...

It will be nice to come back and be in a routine for the next three months, as well!  One more semester of language classes--hitting it hard, and then the language test...and then we get to have Christmas with our families!!