Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Almost everyone we know is going back to America for a few months this year.  Or having a baby in Thailand.  Even some of our local friends are working in America.  And, truthfully, we have felt a little sad, as well as a little (or a lot) homesick this summer.

But I also feel so thankful.  We have friends here in town that we feel are as close to family as possible without being family.  Our kids get to go downstairs in our apartment complex every day to play with their friends.  There are no cars, lots of playgrounds, basketball courts, and the kids are able to find and "build forts" all over the grounds.

So we'll miss our friends while they're gone.  We'll kind of wish we're in the states.  But we will also feel thankful that we get to live here and have the friends we have.