Sunday, July 1, 2012


Sometimes I spend too much time thinking about the plans the Father has for me.  And not enough time focusing on the Father.  I wonder if we'll ever get to LIVE in the mountains.  Or if we'll be able to open a business.  Or if we'll ever be able to adopt.

And there are times I grieve those dreams/plans that haven't come true.  And I don't praise Him for leading us down the path He has for us.  For being so intimately involved in our lives.  I forget HIM too easily sometimes.

But it's ALL about Him.  June 30 in Jesus Calling, Sarah Young writes, "As you follow Me, I lead you along paths of newness:  ways you have never imagined.  Don't worry what is on the road up ahead.  I want you to find your security in knowing Me, the One who died to set you free."

I WANT to just spend my life on loving Him, like Charlie Hall says in his song, 'On the Road to Beautiful.'  I wish it was easy.  But it isn't always.  However, it IS always good.