Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ode to my hiking boots

13 1/2 years ago, when I bought my hiking boots, I bought them to actually hike.  I thought I would like hiking.  I knew I would live in the mountains, so naturally, it would make sense to hike lots and lots and love it.  I bought these shoes and a North Face sleeping bag that is also still going strong (just in case you want to know about quality and stuff).  And they have seen some hiking action.

But, after sleeping in caves full of bats and on top of monasteries (on top of the roof) that more resembled rat speedways.  And after actually hiking and learning that it's really more like:  I-cannot-breathe-I-might-die, I actually rarely use them for hiking.

I do, however, still wear them every time we travel to the mountains.  They are my most disgusting shoes I own.  They have seen some pretty nasty potties.  So I wear them because I don't want any of my other shoes to get dirty like they are.

But I was looking at them the other day and thought about all the places they've been.  They've been in my favorite place in the world (besides home) for 2 years.  Theyhe've hiked some pretty remote areas.  Like areas that no other foreigner has been before.  They've seen some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, as well as hiked in the highest mountain range in the world.  They've traveled with a handsome husband and with 2 backpack babies on my back.  They've traveled with some of my favorite people I've ever met, who've lived overseas or visited overseas.  They've been there when we've told stories that are so so precious to our hearts.  They've walked for hours at a time and for minutes at a time.

I can tell you for sure I never imagined those boots would see all that when I bought them.  And I think they'll see more since they're showing no signs of falling apart any time soon...