Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the trek

Johnny is currently on a trek in the northern part of our province, and we have been so excited to hear from him. He called one day and said, "pack the house, Shannon, we need to just move out here." Not in the next two months, for sure, but someday...They are taking one of the first treks with the company and having a great time. It's been a big blessing that 2 good friends of Johnny's are here to trek with him and give their insight into what a trek out here can and should look like.

Luke, Jace and I are holding down the fort, but unlike some times that Johnny is gone, I have been BUSY meeting local friends. It's been a bit of a crazy week in that we have run into old friends from a couple of years ago that want to hang out and catch up--it's really evident that the Father has been orchestrating some really fun times. And I for sure haven't been lonely. This place has become home.

We plan to take two more trips in the next month and a half. Our family wants to travel out to where Johnny is now, and I hope to visit a friend in the south sometime, as well. We feel like we're wrapping things up from our first three years on a high note, and we see that it's such a gift from the Father. We haven't even really had much time to think about going back to the states.
More to come...S