Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a month and a half in the mountains...

We have been in the mountains for a month and a half, and we have loved every minute of it.  Johnny works from about 7:30 AM to midnight every day, but he loves talking to the people and taking care of everyone who comes to stay here at the hostel.  He has folded lots of sheets and made some really fun friends.  Shannon makes dinner a couple of times a week for all the guests, and gets to take the boys to town almost every day, which is also so fun.  We have met some of our specific people, and we have loved seeing dozens of them every time we go down to town (the hostel is on the side of the mountain).

We also got to travel north a little to one of our towns.  Johnny has visited before.  Not Shannon.  We all fell in love with the area.  The houses are so cool!!  Lots of them are built with watchtowers attached to the actual house.  Such a cool place with lots and lots of history.  

Now we're dreaming of what things might look like for us after we return from the states.  We have a lot to learn about while we're there, if we're going to do everything we hope to do next year at this time :).