Monday, November 16, 2009

November has been quite the month so far!!!

Well, from Luke turning 4 (he had a "backward party"--anything to dress up) to traveling to where we hope will be our home in the future, we have had a big month!! A great month. Luke had his birthday party, where he requested pumpkin cake and ice cream, and had lots of his friends over to our house for games, eating, and dressing up funny. It was so much fun!

Then, Shannon got to travel
4 days down to see a friend who is from Tulsa, as well, but is currently on this side of the world--it's so cool to hear what the Father is doing in and through old friends!! And she got to visit one of the premier places in this country--everyone wants to visit LJ city--it's famous for how cool and old it is! It really is so beautiful, so Shannon enjoyed just being in such a nice place, enjoying the company AND the surroundings.

A few days after the visit to LJ, we left to visit the city that we are all hoping to base treks out of in the future. And while we were there, some people offered to let us rent their house. We are hoping and pr-ing that it will work out. The thought of actually rubbing shoulders with our people appeals to us on so many levels. We feel earnest about seeking the Father's face over the next few months, that the higher-ups will be open to us being there in the future...

Anyway, we are back home now and starting to get ready to return to the states. We are scheduling our time and thinking about visiting people and just loving being there for a few months. Now if only I can decide if it's worth packing and taking Luke's train tracks and trains with us (they are his favorite toy right now...). We'd love any advice!

For now...